|| Chairman ————————

         Smt. Krishna Isore

          Board of Administrators

It is a great pleasure and I state that the briefing short history of Tufanganj Municipality. It is a small urban town.Tufanganj Municipal town is under the administrative Jurisdiction of Cooch Behar District. The Town Tufanganj is situated at a distance of 24 Kms. East of the District town. It has 12 wards & 2.49 Sq Km in area. The population is 20999 as per census 2011 .

Thismunicipality has been come to its existence in the year of 1983 (10th Feb,1983). Before this the town was controlled and administered by the Town Committee. First general election was held in 28th May 1995.

This municipality has its all principle departments and running in a discipline manner. The people of the locality are very co-operative and friendly towards the activities of the Municipality. Tufanganj Municipal town is under the administrative Jurisdiction of Cooch Behar District. The Cooch Behar District in the State of West Bengal is situated at the extreme northeast corner of the state. It lies between the parallels, 25°, 57',56" and 260 32’,  46" north latitude and the longitude of the eastern most point being 89° 52 '.00" east, and the longitude of the Western most point being 83° 45' .02" east. It derives its name from two wards viz. Koch and Bihar. Koch is an ethnic Group of people in-habiting in the vast tract of the land to the north east of the State of West Bengal, Bihar or more properly Vihara, on the other hand denotes an abode or spot, so Cooch Behar means the land of Koach.

In this regard I would like to thank all the municipal citizen, ward committee, respective ward councilors, Municipal staff and who have rendered their valuable for services towards the development work. I would also take this opportunity for thanking to Municipal Affairs dept. Govt. of West Bengal.